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Move Over Metro
By Troy Turner 07/31/2017

In the realm of rail vehicles, we don’t often think of monorails as being particularly fast, but the Spacetrain is transforming our preconceptions about this particular form of transportation.


A challenger to Hyperloop, the air-cushioned Spacetrain aims to deliver passengers at a whopping 745 MPH!

Set to test in 2019, the first prototype will use a hydrogen turbine. Made entirely of carbon fiber and CNT, the interurban shuttle will use graphene carbon breaks, graphene batteries, fuel cells, and other state of the art space technologies…. hence the name!




Futuristic Australian Train Could Transport Citizens at High Speed with Low Emissions

A new train designed by the HASSEL could one day be zipping people around Australia while reducing the country’s carbon output. The A-HSV train is a double decker machine that promises to have just 4 kg of CO2 emissions per 100 passengers per kilometer — compared to 14 kg for a car, or 17 for a plane carrying the same number of people the same distance. The train was apparently inspired by the 1960’s version of the Holden Monaro coupe and it promises to transport its future passengers in style. Watch a video of it in motion after the jump!

The A-HSV train by HASSELL promises to be a luxurious ride for anyone that hops aboard. There is a communal seating area for passengers, private rooms to hold meetings in, a dining area and a convenience store. HASSELL sees the train shuttling commuters quickly between urban areas, and from populous centers to the countryside.

The design firm believes that the train is the ideal way to eliminate a large portion of Australia’s emissions by offering commuters and travelers a low-cost, efficient and leisurely option that could replace air and car travel. The new rail system could also offer a way to decentralize Australia’s dense population centers by allowing efficient travel from suburban homes to urban work places. With its new vision for commuter seating areas, low emissions and sleek design, if the A-HSV were an option for us, we’d hop on in a second.

Guillemins TGV Railway Station



The city of Liège is today a major node in the North European high-speed rail network with links to Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. When the city's existing station had to be replaced due to the increasing demands of the high-speed rail travel, Eurogare (formerly Euro-Liège TGV) issued a request for design proposals from architects all over Europe. With his unparallel experience in this field with projects such as the Lyon-Satolas Air-Rail Link and the Oriente Station in Lisbon, Santiago Calatrava won the commission to design the new Liège-Guillemins station.

"The Future Tramway" designed by Rodolfo Ciudad Witzel

Spiral is a fascinating concept structure that can be compared with the nature and universe. The concept is to design a Tramway as a combined element leaving out-of-the-way the idea of interior and exterior.


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