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Bordeaux Tramway

Posted by mikeefos August 11, 2011 Bordeaux ...

The path to exemplary ...

The path to exemplary working efficiency ...

Freight train from ...

Freight train from Zhenzhou to Europe container ...

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High-Speed Rail

High-speed rail (HSR) is a type of passenger rail ...


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"The Future Tramway" designed ...

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Posted by mikeefos August 11, 2011

Bordeaux Tramway

The tram is the way to get around Bordeaux if you're visiting as it is clean, cost effective and easy!

One thing that you'll notice when you arrive in Bordeaux is the efficient use of the tramway which was installed in 2003. The use of its ground level power supply means that there is absence of over-head wires, which doesn't obstruct the charm and view of the old city.



There are 3 different tram lines that form an extensive network of Bordeaux and it's surrounding area. The tramway operates from around 4:30am until midnight (around 1am on Thursday, Friday & Saturday night). All stops have panels displaying the waiting time until the next tram arrives. Weekday and Saturday services run around every 10-12 minutes, whereas on Sundays operates every 20-30mins.




Tram A: Is the longest line and connects Lormont and Floirac to Mérignac (all of which are outer suburbs of Bordeaux). The line connects the left and right banks of the Garonne, passing over the old stone bridge (Pont de Pierre) and the center of Bordeaux. Tram stops of interest: Chaban-Delmas Stadium, Mériadeck, Town Hall, rue Saint-Catherine, Place du Palais, Porte de Bourgogne, Place Stalingrad, Jardin Botanique 

Tram B: This line also passes through the center of the city connecting Bordeaux's outer suburbs. It is the second longest line and connects Bacalan to Pessac. Tram stops of interest: CAPC Contemporary Art Museum, Quinconces, Grand Theater, Town Hall, Museum of Aquitaine, Place Victorie, University Montaigne Montesquieu.

Tram C: Is the shortest line connecting Les Aubiers to Terres Neuves. This line is useful for those of you arriving by train and also the people wanting to visit the New Stadium. Tram stops of Interest: Grand Parc, Jardin Public, Quinconces, Place de la Bourse, Porte de Bourgogne, Saint Michel, Gare St. Jean.



Even if the tram is a clean and easy way to get around town, for new comers to the city it may or may not be obvious as to what to do.


Firstly, you'll need to purchase a ticket to ride on the tram as there are inspectors that jump on and surprise the general public with a fine if a valid ticket is not produced. 


Ticket kiosks can be found at all tram stops where you are able to buy an array of different types of tickets. The ticket machine is defaulted in French but there is a button to convert the language into English or Spanish. Once you have selected your language you can select your ticket by rotating the wheel in the center of the panel, click the center button to choose and then select the total number of tickets you wish to purchase.


To pay you will need to either pay by coins or credit card (notes are not accepted).

Ticket Types & Price: 

(After validation the ticket is good for 1 hour)


Type of ticket 



 Tickarte 1 trip 

 For just 1 trip (Change as many times during 1 hour)


 Tickarte 5 trips


 Occasional travel. No expiry date.


 Tickarte 10 trips


 Occasional travel. No expiry date.


 Tickarte Relay Park*

 Combine car - tram - bus
(One day)


 Tickarte 1 day

 Unlimited trips for a day


 Tickarte 7 days


 Unlimited trips for a week


 City Pass


 Unlimited transport access and provides access to museums, and other establishments (only available at the Tourist Offices)

 €25.00 - 1 day
 €30.00  - 2 days
 €35.00 - 3 days

 Evening Ticket (Pass Soirée)


 Unlimited transport access from 7pm until 7am the next morning, 


* To be used in conjunction with the Park and Ride stations on the outskirts of the city.



Once you have boarded the tram there are two small yellow machines where you can validate your ticket. 

The path to exemplary working efficiency

Until the middle of the 20th century, track laying and track maintenance required heavy manual labour. Work sites were characterised by manual methods of work that made large numbers of staff necessary. Today, railway construction is among the most efficient industrial sectors with the highest level of automation.

The historic achievement of Plasser & Theurer is the significant contribution it has made to this development. Since 1953, we have been setting technological milestones enabling higher working speeds, higher quality of work and, on the bottom line, economic advantages for our customers and the railway.

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Freight train from Zhenzhou to Europe container rates

Below are the freight train rates for shipping container from Zhengzhou China to Hamburg,Warsaw,malasheweiqi,Paris,Milan,Prague,Duisburg

Freight Train shipping container pirce From Zhengzhou to Europe
Loading train station destination train station train freight 20FT/40FT Leave date transport time(days)
Zhenzhou station Warsaw,malasheweiqi USD6700/USD6200 Every WED/FRI 12~15


Hamburg USD7600/USD7300 11~13
Duisburg USD8400/USD7900 15~17
Prague USD8700/USD8200 17~19
Paris USD9500/USD9000 15~17
Milan USD19700/USD9200 15~17
Freight Train Rates From Zhengzhou to Europe
Loading train station destination train station train freight 20FT/40FT Leave date transport time(days)
Zhenzhou station Warsaw,malasheweiqi USD850/USD1300 Every WED/FRI 12~15


Hamburg USD8800/USD1350 11~13
Duisburg USD1000/USD1550 15~17
Prague USD1050/USD1600 17~19
Paris USD1150/USD1800 15~17
Milan USD1200/USD1850 15~17

Freight train container note:

1.Over container freight train only for general cargo, general cargo it mean between 3 or less than 3 produces cargo. And the Hs.code less than 13 number.

2.Container freight train weight limited: 20G: less 22tons; 40Ft less than 23tons.

3.Over container feright train rates including below chares:A: local charges in Zhengzhou train, customs clearance charges.B: Freight train from Zhengzhou to Germany Hamburg train station, Poland Warsaw train station and malasheweiqi train station etc.

Senin, 13 Agu 2018 08:46 WIB

LRT Palembang Berkali-kali Mogok, Ini Langkah Pemerintah

Dana Aditiasari - detikFinance
Foto: Dok. Humas LRT Palembang
FOKUS BERITA LRT Palembang Mogok

Jakarta - Menyikapi kejadian berhenti mendadak LRT Sumsel yang kembali terjadi pada Minggu Sore, 12 Agustus 2018, Pemerintah kembali menyatakan permohonan maaf yang sebesar-besarnya kepada masyarakat pengguna LRT Sumatera Selatan atas ketidaknyamanan yang ditimbulkan pada saat pengoperasian LRT Sumsel.

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High-speed rail (HSR) is a type of passenger rail transport that operates significantly faster than the normal speed of rail traffic. Specific definitions by the European Union include 200 km/h (120 mph) for upgraded track and 250 km/h (160 mph) or faster for new track.

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